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Centering Moments, Capturing Memories.

Effortlessly display your favorite images in the background, now with intelligent face and body tracking to center your photos perfectly. Optimized for both landscape and portrait orientations, ezSlideshow transforms your visual experience.

Released: Sep-7-2023

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Pocket Dance 2

A Free Spirit Under the Spotlight

Experience the beauty and wonder of dance as you take in your own personal stage show.

Released: Aug-27-2021

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Sushi Flip

Find Tasty Matches to Win!

In Sushi Flip, you can train and test your memorization skills while enjoying a visual feast by finding matching pairs of sushi rolls. Featuring unique game modes and many kinds of delicious sushi, how many levels can you beat?

Released: Aug-05-2021

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Vega Defender

Create a Formidable Fleet

Destroy your opponent's city before they can destroy yours to claim victory! Build 5 different ship types strategically to best the enemy's forces.

Released: Apr-18-2019

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Pocket Fashion

Beauty in the Basics

Calling all Fashionistas! Welcome to a fashion sandbox where you can coordinate exciting and dramatic outfits for the model. Choose from dozens of outfit options and accessories as well as stage effects and colour palettes. The sky is the limit!

Released: Dec-22-2018

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Pocket Surfer

Hit the Waves

Surf's up! Play as either a boy or girl and surf through 3 different ocean settings. Jump to collect stars and avoid buoys. How far can you surf before you wipe out?

Released: Nov-30-2017

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Undead Breakout

Save the Survivors

The zombie apocalypse is upon us and you must save the survivors by moving them space by space to escape points to evacuate a resort town, Paris and New York. Will you be fast enough to protect the survivors or will humanity be lost to the zombie hordes?

Released: Oct-06-2017

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Pocket Frame

Frame Pictures From Your Photos

Display your photos in your own private art gallery. Load a photo and the app will generate a frame. Load multiple photos to create a slideshow. Customize the frames and play music to enhance the experience.

Released: Jan-27-2017

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Pocket Dance

A Free Spirit Under the Spotlight

Through Pocket Dance watch one of two beautiful dancers dance on your own stage. Set the lighting, stage effects and outfits of the dancers to create the perfect mood for your music!

Released: Jan-12-2017

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Trick Treat Halloween

Will it be a Treat or a Trick?

Treat yourself this Halloween season to a game of Tricks and Treats! Face off against a pair of grim reapers who are offering a bounty of candy. All you have to do is open the right treasure chests. Sound easy? It isn't!

Released: Sept-29-2016

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Pencil Note

Your Digital Bulletin Board

Create handy notes in a flash using this digital bulletin board. With Apple Pencil support, you can use the pencil to draw or write reminders, lists or other important memories. You can also use your finger to draw or write.

Released: Jan-20-2016

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Stock Life

Invest for Success

Become familiar with candlestick charts and stock trends in this simple stock trading simulation game. Experience 50 years of life in mere minutes by following different historical stocks. Will you be able to achieve a successful and fulfilling life?

Released: Dec-20-2015

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Volleyball To Go

Grab a Friend and Hit the Sand

Enjoy the sun and the sand as you play a match of beach volleyball against a friend. Pick your side and guide your volleyball player in pre-set motions to return the ball and claim victory! Soak in the sun and enjoy a game today!

Released: Dec-11-2014

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Total Nuke

Protect the City

Stop the bombs to save the city! Use your finger to launch counter missiles to destroy incoming rockets in this fun, arcade style game.

Released: Nov-19-2014

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U-Boat Commander II

Battle from Below

The thrilling sequel to U-Boat Commander is here! Strive to become the ultimate U-Boat Commander. Features improved graphics, new submarines, new campaigns, a leaderboard and achievements.

Released: Oct-14-2014

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Find My Clover

Luck of the Irish

Are you feeling lucky? Try to beat the clock and find the four lucky four-leaf clovers before time runs out. The faster you find them, the more coins you'll earn!

Released: Mar-06-2014

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Vertical Assault: Vietnam war

Pilot a Huey

In the heat of the Vietnam War it's your job to pilot a Huey helicopter to transport American soldiers into and out of hostile territory to protect villages and the American base.

Released: Jun-10-2011

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Water Dance

Relaxation Through Water

Dance with water from your fingertips. Touch the screen and feel the motion of water drops as you relax and set the tone of your experience by playing music from your playlist.

Released: Jun-09-2011

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Bomber Captain

Fortress in the Sky

Command a B-17 Bomber during WWII in thrilling historically based missions. Bomb targets such as oil refineries and U-Boat docks and shoot down enemy planes to bring an end to the war.

Released: Nov-11-2010

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