Vega Defender

Create a Formidable Fleet

Released: Apr-18-2019

Genre: Arcade/Strategy

Platform: iPhone/iPad

To the battle stations! The enemy is at our doorstep and it’s time to launch the counterattack. Vega Defender gives you command over a fleet of spaceships that you need to deploy. You can create Destroyers, Fighters, Cruisers, Bombers and Submarines with each ship having a strategic advantage. The enemy will launch ships to strike at you so prepare your defences or gear up for an assault when the time is right. Your goal is to protect your space city as the enemy tries to chip away at your defences. Attack and destroy the enemy city before they destroy yours to claim victory! Play one-on-one using one device against another human player in Duel mode or test your skills against the AI defender in Campaign mode. Prepare for space combat!

Number of Players: 1 -2

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- Play through 12 exciting missions in Campaign mode against the computer. The computer’s strategy in a mission may change with every attempt for added replay value.

- Protect your space city and destroy the enemy’s city to claim victory.

- Challenge another person to a duel using your device in Duel Mode.

- Some missions give the player the ability to arrange predetermined ships into a formation to fight the opponent.

- Strategy can turn the tides of battle. Choose your ships carefully to counter the enemy’s forces.

- Fighters are quick to build and fast, but are weak. A Cruiser takes a long time to build, but it’s power and defences are formidable.

- 1980’s arcade style graphics give the game a nostalgic and retro vibe.

- If you need a break, simply double tap during a mission to pause the game.

- Prepare to enter the fray and defend your city!

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