Pocket Fashion

Beauty in the basics

Calling all Fashionistas! Welcome to a fashion sandbox where you can coordinate exciting and dramatic outfits for the model. Choose from dozens of outfit options and accessories as well as stage effects and colour palettes. The sky is the limit!

Bomber Captain

Fortress in the sky

Command a B-17 Bomber during WWII in thrilling historically based missions. Bomb targets such as oil refineries and U-Boat docks and shoot down enemy planes to bring an end to the war.

Vertical Assault

Pilot a Huey

Total Nuke

Protect the City

Undead Breakout

Save the Survivors

U-Boat Commander II

Battle from Below

The thrilling sequel to U-Boat Commander is here! Strive to become the ultimate U-Boat Commander. Features improved graphics, new submarines, new campaigns, a leaderboard and achievements.

Stock Life

Simulate a lifetime of investing

Become familiar with candlestick charts and stock trends in this simple stock trading simulation game. Experience 50 years of life in mere minutes by following different historical stocks. Will you be able to achieve a successful and fulfilling life?


Magitech Corporation was founded in 1993, in Toronto, Canada. Over the last two decades Magitech has created several projects on a variety of platforms including PC RTS titles and iOS apps. In 2001, the company was one of the top ten finalists of the Independent Game Festival for the Takeda game project. Magitech strives to create innovative and interesting apps and games to provide a player with fun at their fingertips.

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