Surf’s up! Ride the waves and enjoy the spirited sunshine of the open ocean in Pocket Surfer. Hit the waves and use the momentum to jump as you aim to catch stars. Watch out for wayward buoys! Balance is the name of the game as you must keep level for as long as possible. How far can you go before you wipe out?!
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In Undead Breakout, you must use the pathways and thoroughfares in the ruins of a resort town, Paris and New York City to move survivors to escape points (indicated by a gold star). Each level provides a variety of challenges in which you have to move the gold survivors around the board like pieces on a game board, avoiding the zombies that will try to overtake the survivors and the spreading infection. Can you survive the zombie hordes?
Bring life to your music playlist by watching the pocket dancers within the universal app, Pocket Dance. Select your own music and pick between a variety of dance style options. Watch the dancers cycle through various dance moves. Pick your dancer and select their clothing, hair and accessories to match the feeling of your music. Let the pocket dancers mesmerize you!
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Pencil Note is handy for keeping track of important reminders and notes on the go using your iPad or iPad Pro. You can use your finger (or the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro) to write or draw lists, memos and doodles. Pick from an assortment of paper types and re-arrange notes when you’re done on your digital bulletin board so you’ll always have your notes wherever you go!
Learn the power of investing in Stock Life, a universal app for the iPhone/iPad. Become familiar with candlestick charts and learn to follow patterns by experiencing the actual stock movement of real stocks sourced from historical data. Buy and sell to see your money grow or shrink over time. Buy a house or travel to global destinations to simulate a lifetime of trading and living. Can you master investing and life a fulfilling life?
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The city is in danger and it’s up to you to destroy the oncoming missiles and save the day in Total Nuke for the iPhone/iPad. Face wave after wave of nukes and launch counter missiles to obliterate them before they reach the city. If any missile reaches the ground it’s game over! Do you have what it takes to save the day?!
U-Boat Commander II is the exciting sequel to Magitech’s successful app, U-Boat Commander. In U-Boat Commander II, play through 15 thrilling missions of the German campaign that incorporate both stealth and quick thinking. Evade and destroy enemy ships. Enter periscope mode to aim and fire torpedoes. Watch out for destroyers! Evade depth chargers in underwater mode when you’ve been spotted by the enemy. Additional content for the game can be purchased that include American, UK and Japan missions as well as extra playable submarines. Prepare for battle on the iPad or iPhone!
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Enter into the fray of the Vietnam War in Vertical Assault - Vietnam War. In this universal app for the iPhone/iPad, you control an American Huey helicopter and it’s up to you to transport American troops across the map to fend off enemy troops and take control of enemy villages. Use the power of your machine guns and the ground troops to complete 12 main missions or enter into skirmish mode for different missions that follow the timeline of the war.
Become the pilot of a bomber during WWII in the exciting iPhone app Bomber Captain. Take part in several missions as you fly through enemy territory. Use your machine guns to fend of fighter planes as you search for marked targets so you can deploy bombs and complete your mission.
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