Bringing the party with a big update to Pocket Dance!

Magitech has been hard at work on several new projects as well as updates to existing apps. Our first release is a major update to Pocket Dance. This new update enhances the app with brand new high quality dance models, several new and improved dance moves as well as brand new clothing for the dancers. Our biggest new upgrade is the addition of the most fashionable colours with colour palettes that the user can switch between to make the dancers even more eye-catching. We hope that current users will enjoy this update and new users will love all the options to bring to life the music on their Apple device. Click here to view the web page for this app. Click here to view the product page in the App Store.

Surf into the Holidays!

We've launched our newest app, Pocket Surfer, which is available now in the App Store. In this universal app, you can choose to be a female or male surfer. Face the surf in 3 settings which have different wave patterns. Jump to collect stars to earn trophies for each setting and avoid buoys or you will wipe out. How long can you hold your balance? Check out a preview video of the app here. Click here to view the web page for this app or click here to view the product page in the App Store.

Welcome Undead Breakout!

Over the last several months Magitech Corporation has been hard at work on various game projects. In honour of this month of tricks and treats, we welcome a new horror themed app, Undead Breakout. In this universal app for the iPhone/iPad, players must save survivor characters in each level by navigating thoroughfares in the remains of a resort town, Paris and New York City. Play through 36 levels that challenge the player to avoid zombies and/or the spreading infection. Utilize solider and policemen characters to protect your survivors as you aim to guide survivors to escape points. There are different types of zombies and survivor characters which make each level unique. For Halloween this year see if you can save the remnants of humanity and withstand the zombie hordes. Click here to view the web page for this app. Click here to view the product page in the App Store. Undead Breakout is available to play today!

Stock Life Update

We've been hard at work over the last several months on a few new projects and game updates. We have just launched a new update for Stock Life that further boosts the game's potential as an educational tool for learning about investing. A new button allows players to move one bar at a time when playing through a stock so they'll be able to see the stock movement and analyze it before making decisions. Viewing the data in this way can train the player to recognize and follow movement trends. This exciting update adds deeper value to Stock Life. Now is a great time to revisit the app or to become a new player! Click here to view the app in the App Store.

Welcome Pocket Frame!

As we approach February, Magitech is pleased to launch our second app for the year, Pocket Frame. In this app you can import photos from your Photos and view your images in Pocket Frame's gallery backdrop. A frame is auto generated for each picture and you can customize the frame, mat colour and pick the wall background. View an elegant slideshow of your pictures as you listen to music or use Pocket Frame as a tool to preview how your images would look if you had them framed in real life. Enjoy the splendour of Pocket Frame today! This is a universal app for the iPhone/iPad. Click here to view the web page for this app. Click here to view the product page in the App Store.

Happy 2017! Celebrate with a dance!

Magitech welcomes the new year with another new app, Pocket Dance! In Pocket Dance you can enjoy your own dance show set on your own stage. Select music from your playlist and watch one of two beautiful dancers dance. Select the style of dance (such as Hip Hop, Swing or Belly), the stage lighting and effects. You can even change the accessories, clothing and hairstyles of the dancers. Let the pocket dancers mesmerize you! This is a universal app for the iPhone/iPad. Click here to view the web page for this app. Click here to view the product page in the App Store.

Trick or Treat! Welcome Trick Treat Halloween

The Halloween season is approaching and just in time for the holiday Magitech has launched our newest app, Trick Treat Halloween. Head to the cemetery and face off against some tricky grim reapers. They're offering a bounty of candy, but you need to use your head to keep your eye on the prize! The reapers will tell you to open treasure chests and you have to open the correct chest to get candy. Open the wrong chest and it's game over! Sound easy? It isn't! The white grim reaper always tells the truth, but the dark grim reaper always lies. Don't forget which is which or your hunt for candy will be over. Keep a streak going to collect better candy and see if you can beat your best score! This is a universal app for the iPhone/iPad that's free to play so enjoy this treat all throughout the Halloween season! Click here to view the webpage for this app or click here to view the product page in the App Store.

Pro Version of Stock Life is Out Now!

We have released a new update for Stock Life that includes a new pro version of the app. This new pro version is available as an in-app purchase and adds over 4,000 stocks that you can play through to hone your skills as well as a review screen so you can view your past performance. If you are interested in learning about investing by following charts then be sure to purchase Stock Life and unlock this additional content now!

Welcome to our new Website!

With a new year comes a new look! We have updated our company website to make it easier to navigate using mobile devices. Over the coming weeks we will be adding more screenshots to every app page so you can get a greater sense of what every app that we've made has to offer.

Pencil Note - iPad Pro App

We have released a new productivity app, Pencil Note, which supports the Apple Pencil. The app is available for the iPad/iPad Pro. Create digital sticky notes using your finger or the Apple Pencil and save them to the App's digital bulletin board. Important reminders are always at hand! You can purchase Pencil Note today!