Happy Holidays! Have a Bubble Tea!

Magitech wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our Bubble Tea app is now for sale in the Apps store. Enjoy a Bubble Tea today! Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

Return to the Battlefield now and grab a drink soon!

Magitech has been hard at work on several new projects and we’re happy to announce the release of our newest universal app, the war game, Flak 88. Enter the battlefield of WWII and fight as an Axis or Ally gunner in 2 thrilling campaigns. Protect and defend territory from tanks, armoured cars and prevent the enemy from gaining supplies. Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

We’ll also soon be releasing a Bubble Tea app. In this entertainment app, Bubble Tea is always at your fingertips. You can “drink” the tea using your finger and also “eat” tapioca pearls. A variety of flavours are available to pick from and the liquid will move around as you move your iPhone. Soon you can indulge and “drink” Bubble Tea whenever you get the urge!

Tank Cavalry is now a universal app

Steel Cavalry has now been updated with bug fixes, updated graphics and icon and the game is now optimized for both the iPhone and iPad. The game has also been renamed to “Tank Cavalry” to better reflect the game content. If you haven’t played this thrilling app yet, be sure to check it out!

Take to the skies!

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest app, WWI - Sky Commander! In this wartime adventure you pilot a fighter plane as you fight for the British cause protecting the base and providing support for infantrymen. In a series of daring missions, perform reconnaissance, bomb enemy targets and fighter planes to help bring an end to the first World War. Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

Relive the history of Operation Ten-Go!

Magitech’s latest WWII history game has now been released on the Apps store. Yamato - Final Assault tells the story of Operation Ten-Go in which a fleet of 10 Japanese ships including the flagship the Battleship Yamato were sent to reclaim Okinawa from the American forces in a doomed mission. In this game, players can play two campaigns to see the events of April 7, 1945, from both the American and Japanese perspectives. Man the guns of the Japanese ships and see how long you can survive and prepare to bomb the invading fleet from the American perspective. A kamikaze fighter mission has also been included along with a historical section which incorporates facts related to the mission such as data about the Japanese fleet, a timeline and consequences of the mission. Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

Galaxy Glider has been released

Galaxy Glider is now available for sale in the Apps Store. Navigate your way through the stars in this entertainment app dodging meteors and avoiding black holes as you try to set a distance score. Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

Reach for the Stars!

We are happy to announce that soon we will be releasing a new arcade/entertainment app called Galaxy Glider which puts you in the pilot seat of a space craft. Set the tone of your experience using in-app access to your music playlist and prepare for an exciting journey!

The Air Cavalry is here!

Magitech's latest iPhone game, Vertical Assault - Vietnam War, is out now! Enter the jungle and help protect American bases as you pilot a Huey helicopter to transport American troops into and out of hostile territory. Take out Vietcong soldiers and "capture the flags" of enemy villages to secure the area and claim victory. Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

Introducing Water Dance

We are happy to announce the release of a new entertainment universal app for both the iPhone and iPad, Water Dance. With a touch or swipe of your finger you can watch water droplets dance across the screen as you select music from your playlist to play as you interact with your device. Create a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the beauty of this app today! Click here to view the app in the Apps Store.

Vertical Assault coming soon

We are currently working on an exciting new iPhone war game focusing on the Vietnam War called Vertical Assault - Vietnam War. Featuring the air tactic Vertical Assault, you pilot a Huey helicopter and use it to transport and rescue American troops from HQ to outlying villages. The guns on the chopper can also be used to back up American troops in a series of thrilling missions. Stay tuned for the game's release in June!

Magitech's Mobile Site

Welcome to the launch of Magitech’s mobile site. Our new site combines a sleek design for consistency with a more streamlined approach so the site loads quickly on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. You can access the old website through the link on the bottom of the left navigational bar.

This is No Drill!

This is no drill! We are happy to announce that “1942 Pacific Commander” is now available in the AppStore. Prepare for battle!
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