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Tap and Catch

Released: Jun-07-2010
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Action/Arcade
Platform: iPad
Status: Offline for Update

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Neighbourhoods in this area are in peril! Be on guard as burglars have been spotted breaking into buildings all across town! As a concerned citizen, it's your duty to try to catch the burglars in the act before they get a chance to escape. Tap on windows to turn on the lights and track the burglars. Catch them by tapping them while they're in lit rooms. Once all the burglars in a building have been captured the authorities will arrive and the neighbourhood will be safe!

- Capture burglars in several unique city settings with varying levels of difficulty.
- Tapping windows to turn on lights to capture burglars makes Tap and Catch both easy to play and fun.

- Each level is timed to make the game challenging and tense.
- Watch out for special character rooms that have different effects. If you have a run in with a woman in the shower she will scream and she will shut off the light in that room. You cannot catch a burglar in that room while the light is off.
- In later levels you have to watch out for a female jewelry thief who is much faster on her feet than the standard burglar. She will try to give you the slip with her speed.
- Use special rooms strategically in order to capture all the burglars before you run out of time and they escape.

- Humorous character sounds give life to the levels and epic background music makes Tap and Catch thrilling.
- Save the neighbourhoods with the help of a quick tapping friend to capture all the fleet-footed criminals and save the day!