Roll, Pumpkin, Roll!

Released: Sep-30-2010
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Arcade/Family
Platform: iPhone


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In Roll, Pumpkin, Roll! it's Halloween and a jack-o'-lantern was accidentally separated from the family that was taking it home from the pumpkin patch. Help guide the pumpkin on its journey home as it faces tough obstacles such as ghosts, spiders and witches as it rolls through such places as haunted graveyards, creepy forests and along spooky town roads. Collect candles along the way to keep the jack-o'-lantern lit or the pumpkin will lose its spark and disappear. Guide the pumpkin home safely so that everyone can enjoy this spooky and fun holiday!

- You control a cute jack-o'-lantern as it automatically rolls towards its goal of home in town.
- The controls are easy to pick up and very user friendly. Tap the screen to jump and speed up and slow down the pumpkin by tilting the device to the left or right. - Gravity is applied to the jack-o'-lantern so you have to watch the environment to time jumps and avoid obstacles.
- Collect candles, which fuel the pumpkin to keep it moving on its journey. Over time the candles in your jack-o-lantern will burn out so constantly collecting candles is key.
- The whimsical and spooky dark backdrops gets you in the spirit of Halloween as you roll passed such creepy sights as twisted trees, crooked houses and grim tombstones.

- In Roll, Pumpkin, Roll! there are many obstacles to avoid, which make the journey both exciting and challenging.
- The pathway the jack-o'-lantern travels on is dynamic so each time you play the game experience will be different, which creates even more of a challenge.
- Jump over tombstones along the path or you'll wake up ghosts that will give chase and dim the light in your pumpkin.
- Avoid creepy spiders that will slow you down and don't hit witches as they fly by since they will also damage the pumpkin.
- Track the progress of the jack-o'-lantern on its journey by following the handy mini map at the bottom of the screen. See how close you can come to completing the adventure.
- Your progress is tracked and becomes a record. Try to beat your score and see if you can complete the journey.
- Fun Halloween themed music and quirky sound effects bring life to Roll, Pumpkin, Roll! and all the game elements combine to make this game a great holiday treat! Buy Roll, Pumpkin, Roll! today and start rolling your way through this exciting holiday season.