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Bubble Tea

Released: Dec-22-2011
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Entertainment/Lifestyle
Platform: iPhone
Status: Offline for Update

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Anytime is always a good time for Bubble Tea with this fun entertainment app for your iPhone and iPad. Select your favourite Bubble Tea flavour such as mango, strawberry, honeydew or classic milk tea from the handy app flip menu screen and "drink" your beverage by clicking the screen. The drink level will lower as you hold down on the screen. You can also "eat" the tapioca bubbles by clicking on each bubble.  It’s a fun way to enjoy Bubble Tea on the go without all the calories and sugar of a real drink.  Bubble Tea is always at your fingertips!


- Mango – To energize and spark creativity
- Strawberry – To strengthen relationships and feelings of love
- Honeydew –  To enhance equilibrium and a strong sense of self
- Milk tea – For stability
- Papaya – To heal what ails you
- Taro – For peace of mind
- Watermelon – To increase your determination
  Blue Raspberry – To strengthen the mind
- Vanilla - For a kind spirit