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Samurai Archer Defence

Released: Jul-31-2012
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Action/Arcade
Platform: iPad
Status: Offline for Update

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Prepare to face wave after wave of enemy samurai as you battle to protect your clan's flags and stop the invaders! In Samurai Archer Defence, you deploy the Takeda army of samurai in this arcade style battle game. Before a battle begins, you can deploy groups of samurai to protect your clan’s flags. If your flags are cut down, then you will lose the battle. As an assist to your men in battle, you act as an archer as you can fight the enemy by firing simulated arrows using bow and arrow movements. Load an arrow onto your bow and let it fly! Watch out for your own units! Command individual samurai in battle by toggling on command mode to engage the enemy and stop their advance. Withstand 10 enemy waves to achieve victory. Show your prowess in battle as you face impossible odds! 


- Face off against enemy samurai and cavalry units in a series of 10 waves. If your flags are cut down then you will lose and will have to begin at wave 1 once again. 
- Deploy the army by dragging and moving army groups around with your finger before you begin a battle. Your army units will automatically move to attack nearby enemies. 
- Load and fire arrows using your fingers for a realistic arcade simulation during waves. 
- In battle you can also toggle on command mode and move individual units around the battlefield following a path you create with your finger. Click on a unit and drag your finger to create the path. 
- Gripping music and detailed character animations bring the battle to life. 
- Charging cavalry units are much faster and stronger than other enemy units so be wary of their advance! 
- Hold out for reinforcements which will arrive when you kill enough enemies. 
- Try to preserve your units as they carry over to each battle and you'll need as many samurai as possible to survive the enemy’s final assault. 
- See how long you can hold out and if you can withstand all of the enemy waves. Prepare to fight!